Budget Travelling: The Do’s and Don’ts


This world is an amazing place. It is a dream of every person to visit as many places in their lifetime as they can. Some people crave about seas and beaches. Other love to trek in hilly terrains and even climb sky-piercing mountains on this planet. Everyone has different priorities, but it is budget which is a mutual factor that influences every trip and travel.

Whether you want to straggle majestic cities, roam freely in picturesque outdoors, or taste local cuisines, you always need to make sure you stay in your budget. With the world getting more profit-oriented, businesses are always trying to maximize their earnings. So traveling has become a very difficult and expensive leisure. For this reason, it is important to hit the road with a proper planning so you can avail the best deals and stay inside your budget.

Following are some dos and don’ts of traveling on a budget. We hope that they will guide you on your travels and you can enjoy to the fullest by staying inside your budget.


Be flexible with your itinerary

By just being flexible with your travel itinerary, you can save a healthy amount of money. When you have a flexible travel plan, you can travel on those days when flights are comparatively cheaper. If you want to travel to a destination which is jam-packed throughout the year, like Thailand, it can be a hard job to find cheap flights to Bangkok or any other city. However, traveling on working days can help you save on flight tickets.

Comparing flights

Always compare flights on an aggregator. In this way, you can determine which airline is offering you the cheapest flight to your desired destination.

Using deals and promotions provided by a travel agency

When you want to travel to any foreign destination, we recommend you to plan your trip with the help of a renowned travel agency. You can ask for deals and promotions on you complete travel package along with a little bartering on their rates. By this way, you can enhance your savings and it also takes off extra traveling pressure from you as everything is preplanned for you by that travel agency.

Compare hotel rates

When traveling to any location, domestic or international, we recommend everyone to compare the rates of different hotels before checking in. You can also bargain with them to get your desired room and services. We also recommend you to search for accommodation near airport or train station, or even in the area where more attractions are located. You can easily walk to those places and save the cost of taxi or bus.

Travel in public transport

We recommend our readers to always travel in public transport when visiting any city or traveling domestically. Public transports are a cheap way to travel and they offer a great view of the countryside.


Travel on holidays

Traveling on holidays may seem the best choice for anyone, as you can enjoy free holidays. But we recommend otherwise. When you travel on a holiday, the local businesses raise the prices of their products and services. An airline will always charge you more. Similarly, a hotel will also charge you extra for staying on holidays. It is due to the capitalism, and everyone is now profit oriented.

Travel on weekends

Never travel on the weekends. Although the price is a huge factor as airliners increase their weekend rates by 50 to 100%, the haste or other travelers also increases in hotels and it may be difficult to find yourself a good reasonable accommodation.

Fancy luxury all the time

Some amateur travelers want luxury all the time. They want a luxurious hotel, luxurious transportation and everything else. However complete luxury isn’t possible when traveling on a budget and we highly recommend against spending extra bucks on hoteling and transportation.

Counting on last minute deals

Although last minute deals can get you amazing discounts and traveling packages, we highly advise our readers against it. Traveling at the last minute neglects proper planning and there is always some uncertainty involved with it.

Traveling in peak season

Just like taking a weekend or a holiday flight, traveling in peak season is always going to cost you more money. Try to travel in offseason.

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