5 Pieces of Gear Essential for Every Cyclist


Anyone who’s a serious cyclist knows the importance of making sure their bike is running smoothly and feels comfortable. A big part of enhancing your cycling experience is making sure you’re up to date with the latest technology, tools, and gadgets designed to give you a better ride whenever you take your bike out. Here are a few examples of essential gear every cyclist should have before heading out on the road for their next adventure.

1) JulboAerospeed Glasses

This French, family owned company has been a trailblazer in the mountaineering eyewear industry since 1888. Recently their cycling glasses such as the Aerospeed have been a hit with the pros for their comfortable fit and style. These glasses provide large sight coverage and a wide field of vision, making it easy to move quickly without being worried about anything blinding your sight.

They are also designed to be a snug fit on any cyclist’s face to prevent flying off when traveling. The Aerospeed also comes with a water resistant photocromatic lens to make biking in the rain and fog much easier.

2) Pearl Izumi Summit Shorts

Many cyclists struggle with to find cycling clothes that are both durable andcomfortable. The affordable Peal Izumi Summit shorts are designed to fit the rider with a relaxed cut. Its four-way stretch fabric is snug yet flexible, and these shorts are also tested against the elements to make sure they hold up during rough weather like sleet and sun. For any biker who has lamented over buying shorts that are difficult to slip on and take off, these shorts also conveniently have two zippered pockets, a zipper fly, and a snap front closure that make these shorts easy to wear.

If you’re still having trouble with maintaining your shorts, this article provides helpful tips on how to wash cycling shorts and make them last for as long as possible.

3) Sugoi Versa Evo Jacket

Rain jackets are easy to wear out if worn consistently for many years, and a cheaply made model can ruin a ride if there’s troubling weather. Invest in a jacket like the Versa Evo, designed to offer quality protection at an affordable price. These jackets are semi-fitted, which gives the rider a little wiggle room and makes it easier for anyone to find a jacket that works for their size. The front is water-repellent while the rest of the jacket is completely waterproof.

If you get too hot or the weather changes suddenly, the Versa Evo features removable sleeves held in place by magnets that can be pulled off during a ride and placed in your pockets. This jacket is designed to make each trip more convenient and to accommodate any climate.

4) Giordana G-Shield

The G-Shield is intended for cool and damp days or at nighttime to offer you additional resistance against colder temperatures. All made with Super Roubaix fabric, the jerseys, shorts, tights, and body warmers in this collection provide another layer of warmth while still maintaining breathability. Giordana also uses what they call Acqua Zero Eco, a water and wind resistant layer on each piece that is wash safe.

To top off the benefits, the G-Shield pieces all are made with Pixel, a reflective fabric that shines against car headlights. The G-Shield is essential for warmth, stretch, comfort, and safety.

5) Gore Windstopper Toe Protector

Do you struggle with top-notch shoes that will protect your feet from winds and cold temperatures? The Windstoppers are a solid solution to battle freezing weather without buying another pair of shoes. These protectors simply fit over whatever your current riding shoes are to provide warmth and protection due to its fabric.

Unlike a toe cover, which can be a burden to carry around if you need to take them off during a trip, these protectors offer quality insulation without being heavy or a pain to carry around: simply slip them on and enjoy your trip!

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