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Positive Affirmations are the statements that can change your life the way you want it. It’s a simple thought that you have to repeat in order to make it real in your life. When you repeat it every day, your mind starts to believe that it’s true, and you begin to act like the affirmation is already true in your life. In some time you can see the results in your reality. Your dreams can come true! Just imagine the power of the affirmation if you will see it every day at your desktop. Affirmation combined with the image can create a real magic in your life. Every time you start your computer, you will see this statement, and in some time your mind will believe it’s true. So, what do you want to create in your life?

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5 Simple Tips to Set Your Goals

1. Write down your goal First of all you should write down your goal on paper and set a specific deadline for reaching it. 3. Prioritize Prioritize these steps to your goal. Now you have a simple checklist. All successful projects were created by using checklists. 2.... read more

Incredible Future Vision by Microsoft

These are the incredible examples of the future that I would like to see: unlimited opportunities that technologies open for us and some kind of balance between technologies and nature. If we visualize this future vision often, we will definitely make it happen:))... read more

The Most Powerful Abundance Prayer

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Inspirational Dubai Ad – The Spirit of Possible

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4 Basic Differences Between Winners and Losers

1. Difficult or possible? Winners say: "It can be difficult, but it is possible." 2. Result or fear? Winners see the result. 3. Opportunities or poblems? Winners see opportunities. 4. Do or Wait? Winners do everything to make it happen. Losers say: "It... read more

Powerful Money Visualization Tool

This video is a powerful visualization tool from The Secret. If you watch it every day, it will help you to attract more money into your life. Affirmations from the Video I am a money magnet Everything I touch turns to gold I have more riches than King Solomon’s... read more


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